My Story


Designer and artisan focusing on knitwear & textile design. 

Designer and artist for the earth. I try to focus on eco/sustainable/regenerative systems in my design process. I strive to hold true to a process of slow empathetic design that considers the entire history of the materials I choose. To create with gratitude. Using slow hand artisan methods I create products that hold a stories in their seams. 

Ecological design is the art of reconnecting us as sensuous creatures evolved over millions of years to a beautiful world. That world does not need to be remade but rather revealed. To do that, we do not need research as much as the rediscovery of old and forgotten things…Our greatest needs have nothing to do with the possession of things but rather with heart, wisdom, thankfulness and genority of spirit. And these virtues are part of larger ecologies that embrace spirit, body and mind — the beginning of design. 
—  David Orr


BFA from Parsons: The New School for Design : with a focus in Eco/Sustainable Fashion Design and Knitwear : 2011-15

Apprentice : Artist/Oil Painter Gavin Spielman : 2012-16

Co Founder of Artifact Textiles : 2015-2016

Featured in Special Exhibit - ECHO Science Center, Burlington, VT : Sept 16, 2017 - Jan 15, 2018

Featured in The Regeneration Magazine, Issue 1 : May 2017