Fiber Farm Spotlight: Victory Farm - The softest fiber in the world!


What is the #1 lux fiber in the world? For some of you fiber enthusiasts, the cute big-eyed Vicuña from the Andes Mtns of Peru might come to mind. Close, but in fact the softest fiber in the world comes from a new breed whose existed less than 100 years. The Poco-Vicuña! A USA based breed, whose micron count (the fineness of a single fiber) has been recorded at its lowest, an 11! It felts like suade, spins like butter, and feels like royalty.

Where do I get this exquisite fiber? Victory Farm in Braymer, MO.

Like most American fiber farmers, they're looking for people inspired by these amazing animals and would like to work with this fiber. If you have any project big or small, don't hesitate to reach out! 

Do you have any experience working with lux fibers? 

Adriana LentrichiaComment