Fiber Farm Spotlight : Buckwheat Bridge Angora


Get to know your local FIBER farmer! Understanding where our fiber comes from is an important step in being a more empathetic consumer, as well as a gentler human being to our planet.

One of my favorite fiber farms is in the crazy beautiful Hudson Valley, NY. Driving through the hilly valley of the country side you first see the windmill high up on a hill. As your car pulls up around the bend, there stands the red farm house of Buckwheat Bridge Angora, a 100% wind and solar powered fiber farm! Their products are all made on site, using there own mini mill. Run by Sara Healy and Dan Melamed, they work incredibly hard to produce high quality beautiful wool. 

BBA raises Cormo sheep and Angora Goats. Cormo produce a soft silky wool that can be used for garments that come directly in contact with the skin, such as hats, scarves, even baby clothes. The cormo wool comes in brilliant white as well as shades of brown, tan, and even black!

The fiber an Angora Goat produces is called Mohair. A fiber characteristically close to that of silk. Mohair has a high luster and is delicately soft. The fiber also has a crimp/curl quality to it.

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